The University of North Carolina Partnership for National Security is a system-wide effort to support the service member, contribute to the mission, and grow North Carolina's economy.

General Inquiries: (919) 962.4628

The strongest public university system in the nation, UNC system institutions are nationally recognized as "best value". They consistently provide high quality education at a low cost. And, our graduates are highly competitive in the workforce.


16 Universities, 1 System

  • Over 300 online programs

  • Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Programs

  • Licensure and certificate programs

  • Online, on-campus and hybrid delivery

  • Academic credit for military experience

  • World-class faculty and staff

  • Self-paced courses


    NC Military Educational Positioning System

    Dedicated portal for military-affiliated students that provides the resources to:

  • Explore North Carolina‚Äôs higher education options

  • Navigate the application and admissions process

  • Graduate and pursue their career goals

    UNC Joining Forces

    Joining together, the UNC system, industry and non-profit organizations are a united force in support of:

  • Providing access to a high-quality and affordable education to military-affiliated students

  • Transitioning veterans and their families into employment

  • A thriving military economy in North Carolina

  • Resources

    Web Resources

  • UNC Partnership for National Security

  • NC Military Educational Positioning System

  • UNC Federal Relations


  • Partnership Development: Kimrey Rhinehardt

  • Joining Forces: Kimrey Rhinehardt Emily M. Dickens

  • Strategic Communications: Emily M. Dickens

  • UNC National Security Fellowship Program: Emily M. Dickens

  • Internship Opportunities: Emily M. Dickens

  • General Inquiries: Emily M. Dickens

  • Defense Applications Group: Kathie Sidner

  • Industry Partner Development: Kathie Sidner

  • Defense, National Security, Intelligence Research Issues: Kathie Sidner

  • Research Internship Opportunities: Kathie Sidner

  • UNC SERVES: Ann Marie Beall

  • Military Affairs Council: Ann Marie Beall

  • Military Education: Ann Marie Beall

  • DoD Tuition Assistance: Ann Marie Beall

  • Service Member Academic Support: Ann Marie Beall

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