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UNC-TISS National Security Fellows Program End of Year Conference


The conference will include the following research proposals to be presented:

  • “Repetitions of History: Army Downsizing Insights from the Interwar Period” - LTC(P) Scott Naumann
  • “A Global Enterprise: Leveraging the Three Pillars”- COL Colin Tuley
  • “Adaptation: The Army Division as Standing Joint Task Force”- COL Kevin Leahy
  • “Special Operations Forces Acquisition: A Tool to Facilitate the Army’s Future Force” - -COL John Reim

Later in the afternoon, there will be a lecture by LTG Charles Cleveland,Commanding General, U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, titled “Army Special Operations Forces Transformation.”


NSFP Research Presentations | 2:00—4:00 pm | Peabody 218

“Army Special Operation Forces Transformation” | 4:15—5:15 pm | Global Education Center Nelson Mandela Auditorium