The North Carolina Military Foundation

The NC Military Foundation plays an essential role in growing North Carolina’s defense industry, which supports more than 500,000 jobs.


Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, the North Carolina Military Foundation was founded in 2006 as a state-wide, non-partisan and non-profit economic development group focused on generating long-term investment and job opportunities in North Carolina’s defense industry. The group is funded entirely by its corporate board members, all of whom serve voluntarily. Since the organization’s founding, the annual economic impact of military installations in North Carolina has grown from $18 billion to over $30 billion, making it the State’s second largest sector.


The North Carolina Veterans Initiative

The Veterans Initiative was started in 2009 for the purpose of giving aide to veterans returning from overseas deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. It offers a number of trained professionals who can assist transitioning veterans with everything from
finding employment opportunities to obtaining full G.I. Bill benefits. Learn more about the Initiative here.

North Carolina Veterans Foundation

In recognition of the enormous number of veterans who will make the transition out of the military in the coming years, this new Foundation will work on the strategic level to coordinate the transition assistance efforts of the state, military, and industry. Learn more about the Initiative here.

North Carolina 4 Military Employment

NC4ME is a comprehensive public-private partnership that takes an employer-centric approach to strengthening the flow of military talent into North Carolina’s businesses. Leveraging existing workforce development resources and best-in-class technology, NC4ME:

  • Educates NC’s business leaders on the value of hiring a military workforce,
  • Trains human resource professionals how to hire military personnel, and
  • Connects military talent to open jobs, education, and training opportunities in North Carolina.

Learn more about the Initiative here.