UNC Joining Forces

UNC Joining Forces is an initiative to provide educational opportunities and research support for the United States military through a multi-partner approach.

The University of North Carolina (UNC), a system of higher learning, seeks industry and non-profit partners in support of UNC Joining Forces, an initiative to provide educational opportunities and research support for the United States military.

UNC Joining Forces Goals:

Joining together, North Carolina’s public University, industry and non-profit organizations are a united force in support of:

(1) Providing access to a high-quality and affordable education to our nation’s service members, veterans and their families


Solidify North Carolina’s standing as a “key military state” by leveraging available federal, state government and civilian resources in support of current and future military priorities, including service member education and training. We need to keep important military resourcing and contracting decisions in North Carolina.

Capitalize upon the federal government’s investment in service members and veterans. The federal government invests millions of dollars in each service member’s education, training and experience to produce people with the following attributes: integrity, courage, perseverance, personal responsibility, professionalism, adaptability, and teamwork. These men and women are ideal candidates for North Carolina’s civilian workforce.

Educate a populace that is already in North Carolina to enter North Carolina’s civilian workforce, to strengthen a growing military economy, to start small businesses, to engage in civic and community life. We need to keep smart, experienced, capable people in North Carolina.

  • Veterans as a group are twice as likely to vote as the rest of the electorate.
  • Veterans are at least 45 percent more likely to become entrepreneurs than people with no active-duty military experience, according to a May 2011 study from the SBA Office of Advocacy.
  • In 2011, Veterans who worked year-round and full time had higher median earnings and higher personal incomes than their non-Veteran counterparts.
  • Median personal incomes of minority Veterans are higher than their Non-Veteran counterparts in 2011.
  • On average, most minority Veterans appear to be better off in terms of some key socio-economic indicators (education, employment, poverty, health care coverage) than their non-Veteran minority counterparts.

Reduce Veteran unemployment rates in North Carolina, particularly among the youngest Veterans.

  • Younger Veterans not in the workforce are likely collecting unemployment while deciding what to study, where to go to school, and taking the steps necessary to establish residency for tuition purposes at public institutions of higher education in North Carolina. UNC provides advising and counseling to help young veterans pursue a course of study that will equip them for employment in North Carolina.

Current UNC Joining Forces Partners

LC Industries has committed $130,000 to help support the first-year efforts of the initiative, and by doing so have become the first industry partner in UNC Joining Forces. LC Industries is the nation’s largest employer of people who are blind and operates in 14 states. With two distribution centers and 31 retail stores operating on military bases, LC Industries serves all branches of the U.S. armed forces.

Read more about LC Industries and their commitment to UNC Joining Forces.

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